Television Review: "Human Target": Winston, We Have a Problem

1/28/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Travis Harvey

Each week on Fox's "Human Target" we seem to learn a little bit more about its main character, Christopher Chance, and I’m beginning to have my theories about him, which are a bit dark. In this episode, we meet Danny, well at least before he’s murdered. Later, we find out he’s a friend of Chris’ from back when they were in Kosovo.

Within the show's first six minutes, we not only learn a little about Chance’s stint in Kosovo, but we also learn that he’s a great person to have on speed dial. Chance has to infiltrate a Russian embassy under what would have been Danny’s cover, C.C. Baxter.

Once it’s discovered that Chance and Aaron become poisoned, it becomes a race against time to find Raven and get the antidote, but of course Chance has a piece of ‘arm candy’ that happens to be an FBI agent who can pack a punch. Emma Barnes has the details on Raven, so they decide to work together, although it seems to be with some reluctance.

The show draws to a close with Chance and his new lady friend being held captive. Once the meet Raven, it’s just a matter of time before they kick some spy butt, unless Chance gets shot first.

The show continues to deliver funny quips from Chance, as well as beautiful women to go on adventures with him and last-minute saves. Basically, this series is like the James Bond of television series. Even though I barely have seen any of the Bond films, I still think it’s the idea of those films and their significance in pop culture that makes me come back to "Human Target" each week.

The character development with this show is moving fast; usually it’s an entire season before we learn things about a main character. But with Human Target, we learn something new every week--and we fall deeper into the show's underlying mystery. I think Chance says it best at the end of this particular episode, “He was a lot of different people. Whoever he had to be to get the job done at the time, that’s what made him so good, no one could ever quite pin him down. It's kind of the nature of the job.”

Overall, this was a great episode because not only do we learn little clues about Chances' past, we also learn that Christopher Chance may not be his real name. This show takes you further into its world and keeps you guessing, which is why I think it’s going to be around for a couple of seasons. If not, Fox is going to have to reevaluate their choices.

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