Music Video Review: Los Compesinos!' "Romance is Boring"

1/23/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Megan O'Malley

Los Campesinos! recently released a new single, the title track off of their latest album “Romance is Boring.” The upbeat welsh group is still catching new listeners with their charming hooks and carefully orchestrated sound.

The video for the song doesn’t prove romance is boring, but it does remind viewers romance can be abusive. The highly stylized video for “Romance is Boring” shows a young woman with tears rolling down her face as she decorates a cake. In the background, her lout of a spouse is busy drinking LC beer and watching a telenovella. He is awful. Meanwhile, their child is busy slowly dressing up to be a Mexican wrestler.  *SPOILER ALERT* “Romance is Boring” comes to a head when the tear-streaked woman beats her spouse with a baseball bat. Choices made in the video makes the murder less intense, but the lot of it still seems an odd choice for such a peppy song.

“Romance is Boring” is another hit for Los Campesinos! and follows in the same style as their earlier music. The seven-piece band uses their harmony of voices and instruments to create this encompassing sound that most other groups can’t achieve. Each instrument brings a new dimension to the song. Although the video may not be the greatest, the actual song itself is something definitely worth taking a listen to.

Grade: B-

Watch the music video for "Romance is Boring" below.  What are your thoughts?

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