Music Review: Dan Black's "UN"

2/28/2010 Posted by Admin

Music Review

Dan Black's “UN”

By our guest blogger, Megan O'Malley

Dan Black is a talented young man. The pop electronica genre is dominated by groups like the Gorillaz. Black manages to blend electronica, hip-hop and pop music into his latest album “UN.” The results are as danceable as they are sweet and relatable.

Often in electronica music, the lyrics get pushed to the wayside in favor of more exciting and creative music. Black doesn’t do this. The lyrics to his songs are just as important and prominent as the music itself. In this way, Black’s music is more than just an electronic beat to serve as backdrop in clubs--his music can translate over to radio stations and reach a wider audience. Some of the songs are a bit silly. “Ecstasy” sounds as if it was written by Craig David. The hip-hop groove its got going on is pretty cool, but the lyrics and the feel of the song are kind of hokey. Most of them are pretty strong pieces though.

Cigarette Pack” has the line “all my plans on the back/ of a cigarette pack,” which really reels listeners in. They are simple but effective lines that made me want to keep listening to him. “Wonder” has a quick hook and it would make a great single. The song “U + Me” is uplifting and hopeful, while “Cocoon” is sweet and romantic. Black’s songs hit on a variety of emotions making the album diverse in its sound and feel. His songs are relatable and interesting to a variety of listeners--he isn’t just banking on the fact that one facet of music lovers will like him. The Web site Lala has three bonus tracks. Often times, depending on where you buy the album, you only get one bonus track. Buy the one that has the song “Symphonies” on it, which is by far the best of the three bonus tracks.

This album is a great piece of work from Dan Black. He understands what the listeners like to hear and is able to meld many forms of music into one great sound. His sound is one of electronica and hip-hop. As music becomes more and more synthesized its nice to know that people are still appreciating it enough to make into a true art form.

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