Music Video Review: Passion Pit's "Little Secrets"

2/28/2010 Posted by Admin

Music Video Review

Passion Pit's "Little Secrets"

By our guest blogger, Megan O'Malley

Passion Pit’s new video for “Little Secrets” turns out to be their second attempt. Last year, they came out with a video for the same song but decided it was not good enough.  So, as of last week, they created a new one. This latest effort brings the party and the happiness that the synth-pop band exudes.

Starting off in a grocery store, the video quickly switches to the group playing in a warehouse to people with brown paper bags covering their heads. The colors of the video greatly contrast with one another. They bounce between the grays of the warehouse and the brightly colored confetti that falls from the sky as the audience begins to dance. This juxtaposition makes the yellows, pinks and oranges of the confetti stand out and bring splashes of color in an otherwise dreary looking video. Although the entire piece is kind of simple, just a band playing to an audience, the minute details and exquisite use of color make up for the lack of excitement.

The song “Little Secrets” is a fun dance piece that will get your head bopping as soon as the chorus comes along. Just as the audience begins to dance so will viewers. Passion Pit has created a stylish piece of music that is perfect for sunny days and dance parties. While it’s not normal for groups to make two videos for the same song, Passion Pit succeeded.

Grade: B+

View the video for Passion Pit's "Little Secrets" below. What are your thoughts?

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