“Ondine” Movie Trailer Review

2/17/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Spencer Morton

“Ondine” has been in post-production for quite some time. Long enough, in fact, for its two stars (Colin Farrell and Alicja Bachleda) to fall in love and have a child, who is now four months old. This long wait has had many questioning, what exactly is “Ondine”? Is it a children’s fairy-tale? Is it a love story?

The trailer, released earlier this week, points to a darker conclusion. From the trailer, we learn that Farrell plays the fisherman Syraceuse, whose daughter, Annie (Allison Barry), is confined to a wheelchair. Farrell hauls his nets out of the water one day to find a mysterious woman (Bachleda) in one of them.

This woman, named Ondine, has some majestic powers. When she sings, Syraceuse catches multitudes of fish. The daughter Annie comes up with whimsical fairytales about who Ondine is and where she came from. But who exactly is she, and where did she come from?

The second half of the trailer hints that Ondine has come from a dark past. There is a knife-wielding villain tracking her down. There are rumors and speculation surrounding her history. Is she hiding something?

“Ondine” seems more adventurous and compelling than I expected. It’s definitely more than a simple man/mermaid love story. Director Neil Jordan has had a pretty up-and-down career thus far. He helmed successes like “Interview with a Vampire” and “The Crying Game.” He’s also had some misfires like “The Brave One.”

“Ondine” looks compelling. It will gain an international release this spring, but a U.S. date has not been set. Check back soon for more release date information.

View the trailer for "Ondine" below.  What are your thoughts?

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