American Idol: Episode 21 of Season Nine--The Top 12

3/12/2010 Posted by Admin

American Idol: Episode 21 of Season Nine--The Top 12

The Night a Bomb Hit American Idol

By our guest blogger, Catherine Fuentes

Each week I read criticism of the "American Idol" finalists, saying this is one of the weakest casts in history. Each week I respectfully disagree. I cannot believe the amount of talent that "American Idol" lost tonight and now I am beginning to understand the disappointments of the season.

Not a single person who went home last night deserved to, and in their places are people who lack their talent, energy, charisma and originality. This is the most disappointed I’ve ever felt after a Top 12 (or Top 13) reveal, and quite honestly, unless the weak links start hitting the ground, I’m always going to wonder what it could’ve been like.

Going home way too prematurely are Lilly Scott, Katelyn Epperly, Todrick Hall and Florence Henderson/Alex Lambert.

Yes, you read that correctly. Those talented performers are the people who didn’t make the cut. And yes, that means that Lacey Brown and Paige Miles have managed to cling on another week. I swear, with the people who think these two females are worth voting for constantly picking up the phone, I wouldn’t be surprised if either won. That’s how mind blowing this season has become. Any bit of ridiculous thought has proven that it’s feasible. Which goes to show vote for talent, I do.

I did predict that I’d be stunned by which guy was going home, and yeah, Todrick was hovering on thin ice, but sending Alex/Florence home? Is this real life? Is the cache of being a teen dream heartthrob really what’s keeping people in this competition? Looking at the guys, exception of Michael Lynche, who is supremely talented, I tend to think this is the case. I saw Alex/Florence working in tandem with Lee DeWyze and Tim Urban. All three are about the same age, all three play guitar, and all three are good. But Tim and Lee are objectively good-looking dudes and Florence has his mullet.

I knew the episode was getting off to a rough start when Paige Miles beat out Katelyn Epperly. I was stunned. Paige gave the worst performance of Tuesday night, and consistently came across as being on the bottom. She also picks abysmal songs. Katelyn was shaky, but she’s been solid.

But I wasn’t preparing for Lilly’s departure--the moment that left me staring at my television in disbelief, uttering phrases not fit for print. America, what have you done? One of the most interesting, unique and talented females (in a less in-your-face way) in "Idol" history got sent home. And Lacey Brown stays!

I got excited when I heard that next week’s Top 12 theme would be the Rolling Stones. That is a fun theme, and I was excited to see what people would do with it. Unfortunately, some of the renditions I was most looking forward to were supposed to be coming from the four people who went home. Now, I’m worried to see which songs get ruined by Lacey, Katie and Paige.

The sad thing is--I love a lot of the contestants in this Top 12. After looking at the list again, I really do, and I just have to have faith that their talent will be enough to carry them through. I think in a few weeks, we might have an incredible Top 8 or a Top 6, but for now, I’m going to be sad some of my favorites are gone and my least favorites remain.

And, the 2010 American Idol Top 12:

Crystal Bowersox
Didi Benami
Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus
Lacey Brown
Katie Stevens
Andrew Garcia
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Lee DeWyze
Tim Urban
Michael Lynche

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