Music Review" Little Boots' “Hands”

3/17/2010 Posted by Admin

Music Review

Little Boots “Hands”

By our guest blogger, Megan O'Malley

Little Boots with your English charm and poppy dance beats, you have the music stylings of Lady GaGa while still being accessible to the general public.

This debut album, “Hands,” dropped in her native country last year but it has finally made its way to the United States.

“Hands” has all the makings of being a fantastic album. Funky dance tunes, upbeat style and it’s an all around joy to listen to. The jagged beginning of the first song pulls listeners in while making them wonder just who this Little Boots is. She’s poppy and fun like Lady GaGa but without all that crazy avant-garde behavior. In “Earthquake,” she uses her powerful vocals over the dance music. “Ghost” is another strong single for this English singer. Although her songs all kind of sound similar, she knows how to mix up the vocal styles to keep listeners interested. Some of the tracks are definitely forgettable, such as “Click,” but for the most part, the songs are pretty good.

The latter part of the middle is where the album begins to sag. Its sounds as if Little Boots was running out of steam because the songs are just so-so. The biggest disappointment is “Mathematics.” This song has far too many literal references to things you probably haven’t thought about since high school trigonometry. Case in point, she sings about the Pythagorean therom and says, “Your X is equal to my Y." Kudos to her for finally making math sexy, though--sorry Steven Hawking.

Things pick up at the end with “No Breaks” and keep listening after that song because there is a beautiful hidden track that is more intimate sounding than anything else on the album. It’s more along the lines of Regina Spektor but without the sass. “Hands” is not without its problems, but as a debut album, Little Boots comes out strong. She proves her vocal and style chops in “Hands,” and is sure only to improve with time in the industry.

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