The Must List: March 26 - April 1, 2010

3/26/2010 Posted by Admin

The Must List: March 26 - April 1, 2010

By our guest blogger, Spencer Morton


“Hot Tub Time Machine”
– Easily the most ridiculous premise of any recent movie, “Hot Tub Time Machine” is bound to fill theaters across the nation with jubilant laughter. Prediction: “HTTM” will be “The Hangover” of 2010. It will be the film people quote incessantly for months.

I have a few reasons for saying this. 1.) There is stellar comedic talent in the four lead actors (John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Rob Corddry). 2.) Audiences love watching films starring goofy guys that get into trouble, go on adventures, and get into other shenanigans (ex. “The Hangover,” “Wedding Crashers,” “Superbad”). 3.) It involves a hot tub that acts as a time machine. If that premise doesn’t sell, what will?

The film follows four guy friends, Adam (Cusack), Jacob (Duke), Nick (Robinson) and Lou (Corddry). They go on a skiing getaway for a weekend in order to escape their boring, humdrum adult lives. Their weekend takes an interesting turn when the hot tub in their resort room transports them back to the 1980s.

The three relatively unknown actors--Duke, Robinson and Corddry--have an opportunity to shine here. Cusack has some comedic chops himself. Let’s see if he can’t give his career a kick in the pants. Steve Pink directs in the follow-up to his often-funny debut film “Accepted.” This could be the most talked about comedic film of the year, at least for the younger crowd. Check it out when it hits theaters on Friday (3/26).

*Runner-up: “How to Train Your Dragon”
– Will this be the year that Dreamworks finally knocks off Pixar for best animated film of the year? “How to Train Your Dragon” is garnering great reviews. The animation is stellar and the story seems clever enough. This should be a great movie for kids, families and animated film lovers. Watch it Friday (3/26) when it reaches a theater near you.


“Sherlock Holmes”
– Though this film didn’t please everyone, it certainly had its merits. Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Holmes was fun and eccentric. Guy Ritchie’s visceral directorial style is on display in full force. Although it may be a little out of place for this subject matter, it works well enough.

Jude Law as Watson seemed questionable at first, but he and Downey Jr. played surprisingly well off one another. Their dialogue and interactions were among the film's  highlights.

“Sherlock Holmes” is a fast-paced guessing game that doesn’t take too much brains to decipher, but figuring out exactly what’s going on requires some sleuth-like skills. It’s a visual and aural onslaught. Critics will complain that it isn’t in line with earlier Holmes films. Here’s an idea--watch the film for what it is, not what its predecessors have said it should be. “Sherlock Holmes” is a good time and is definitely worth a rental. Pick it up in stores on Tuesday (3/30).

*Runner-up: “I Sell the Dead”
– This film was created two years ago. Nobody heard about it. It’s finally, now, getting a DVD release. The film centers on grave-robber Arthur Blake (Dominic Monaghan). Hours before his death, we learn everything about his warped, twisted life. It’s a low-budget, well-acted, extremely clever film. It features a great performance by Monaghan as well. Indie crowd, check this film out. It hits shelves on Tuesday (3/30).


Barenaked Ladies – “All In Good Time”
: Barenaked Ladies have been entertaining audiences with their folksy, creative, mellow form of rock for over 22 years. The Grammy nominated group is often a fan-favorite at every festival or show in which they perform. On Tuesday (3/30), they release their 13th full-length album, “All In Good Time.”

BNL are the epitome of consistency. All their releases have been quality. They know their genre and they stick to it. Their lyrics range from the inexplicably goofy to the honestly serious. It will be interesting to see how that changes with “All In Good Time,” as it’s the band’s first album since the departure of founding member, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter, Steven Page.

The album’s first single and opening track, “You Run Away,” is a powerful, piano-driven ballad. It sets the tone for the rest of the album, which means, it’s a very deeply emotional, heartfelt album. It may be their most personal work to date. “Another Heartbreak” and “I Saw It” further exemplify this fact. Many of the songs are still upbeat and contain typical BNL hooks. It seems like BNL will be just fine without what was thought to be the backbone of the group.

Songs to download:

“You Run Away”
“Four Seconds”
“”Every Subway Car”

*Runner-up: Usher – “Raymond v. Raymond”: R&B singer, Usher, needs no introduction. His songs are always catchy, sensual and are easy on the ears. None of the album’s early singles are tearing up the charts like we’ve seen from Usher before. “Raymond v. Raymond” may feature a couple surprises though. Check it out when it hits stores on Tuesday (3/30).


“V” (Mid-Season Premiere)
– The stunning, controversial ABC science-fiction show “V" aired in November 2009. The first four episodes received solid ratings and generally positive critical acclaim. ABC decided to put the remaining episodes on hold until the spring, thinking that the show wouldn’t hold up well against the Winter Olympics. “V” is getting back on television when the 5th episode, “Welcome to the War,” airs on Tuesday at 10/9c.

The show has a terrific premise. Gigantic spaceships appear above dozens of major cities in the world. The leader of the extraterrestrial race, Anna, claims to have come in peace. FBI agent Erica Evans is skeptical. She, and other doubters snoop around and find that the “visitors” have been infiltrating the human race for decades.

They’ve infiltrated governments, religious institutions, the entertainment industry, and multi-billion dollar businesses. They’re planning a mass take-over of the human race. It’s up to Evans and others to plan a resistance movement to stop the seemingly sincere “visitors” before they destroy mankind.
“V” is more of an event than a television show. It features grade-A visual effects, a solid cast and moments of genuine suspense. “V” isn’t the type of show that’s going to kick around for many seasons. Catch it while it’s here.

*Runner-up: “The Ultimate Fighter” (11th Season Premiere)
--Mixed martial arts (MMA) has quickly become one of the most popular sports in the world. UFC is the largest MMA circuit. On the show, “The Ultimate Fighter,” amateur fighters from around the world compete for a coveted UFC contract. The show features some great fighting and a lot of sparring attitudes. Watch the 11th season premiere of “The Ultimate Fighter” when it airs on Spike TV on Wednesday (3/31) at 10/9c.

Music Video

The Disco Biscuits- “On Time”

The music video for The Disco Biscuits’ catchy tune “On Time,” has everything you could ever really ask for in a video. It’s got some cool visuals, a devastatingly attractive girl with awesome tattoos, a break-dancing robot, and some suggestive girl-on-robot relations.

In all honesty, the video is pretty strange. There are a bunch of 20-somethings in a club. Many of them are break dancing, doing the robot dance, krumping, or other various forms of dance. Then, a scrawny robot walks into the club and starts breaking it down. With his dancing skills, he gets the attention of the aforementioned tattooed girl.

The two go for a ride after they leave the club. She takes him back to her place, since robots don’t have homes. Do they? Then she proceeds to literally do the robot. Weird. All around, it’s a pretty trippy video. Check it out below:

Viral Video

Ben Folds on Chatroulette is one of the strangest, most disturbing, most intriguing Web sites ever. Basically, you go to the site and randomly video chat with complete strangers. If you don’t like the person you’re connected with, just skip to the next person.

Most of the time, the strangers are lonely looking guys who feel it necessary to show complete strangers their nether regions. It’s really strange, even depraved, but it’s caught the attention of Ben Folds, which is pretty interesting. The musical genius set up his laptop at a concert in Charlotte, N.C. He connects with strangers on Chatroulette and sings songs about them.

Most of them are oblivious, some play along, and others are just weird. Watch this popular viral video below:

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