Sit Through This Film and Win $10,000

3/01/2010 Posted by Admin

Sit Through This Film and Win $10,000

By our guest blogger, Lita Robinson

Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (pictured at left) has issued a challenge to horror movie fans--sit alone through his latest film, “Phoonk 2,” all the way to the credits, and win $10,000.

Reuters is reporting that Varma intends to put the lucky viewer in a theater all alone, and wire him up to a heart monitor as well as a camera that will make sure he keeps his eyes open through the entire film. Readings from these machines will be shown live on a a screen outside the theater, so passersby can keep tabs on the viewer’s level of panic.

If the fan can keep it together through the entire film, he will be awarded 500,000 rupees, or approximately $10,000. A similar contest was staged for the release of the original “Phoonk,” but the contest winner reportedly ran from the theater only 30 minutes into the film.

Unfortunately, this contest seems to only be open to Indian horror fans, so no luck for those of us ready to take on the film elsewhere. There was no word on whether the lucky contest winner would be provided with popcorn, or anything stronger, during the screening.

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  1. lisa said...

    I couldn't hang, but maybe a friend would head out to try?! YIKES!!!

  2. Edward29 said...

    Wow the contestant ran out 30 minutes in.
    Either this is one heck of a horror flick or a publicity stunt.
    Either way I'm interested in it.