"5150 Elm's Way" Movie Trailer Review

4/17/2010 Posted by Admin

Movie Trailer Review

"5150 Elm's Way"

By our guest blogger, Jeremy Wilkinson

Because of the title, this reviewer originally thought "5150 Elm’s Way" was a rip-off of "A Nightmare on Elm Street," as some film companies are known to do such things. After viewing the trailer, I am pleased to say this is most certainly not a cheap attempt at ripping off a current big-budget movie. Instead, it’s a Canadian thriller that looks as if it could be a sleeper hit.

Yannick (Marc-André Grondin) is biking down a street, when he gets into a minor accident. Soon after, he's brought into one of the houses, and thrown into a locked room. The house belongs to the Beaulieus, and Yannick has become a prisoner. The patriarch of the family gives Yannick a way out--beat him at chess, and Yannick can go free.

During the trailer, it is revealed that the Beaulieu family is a bunch of killers. But they’re not crazy, oh no. They are “righteous,” only killing those who deserve it. Deluded, self-righteous people can make for great villain fodder, and this family looks like they are an interesting group of crazies. The father even takes his oldest daughter to a man’s house, punches him out, and says it’s time for her “initation.”

Flashes of scenes are shown where Yannick is thrown around, or attacked. What looks to be an interesting dream sequence is also hinted at--the two men are playing chess and the evil father’s eyes start to bleed.

Being shown the two actually playing chess with some dialogue would have been a nice addition to the trailer. Its absence seems odd considering that appears to be a main plot point. What is shown, however, offers glimpses into what looks like a well-done, low budget psychological film. If you enjoy gritty, cinéma vérité style flicks, check out "5150 Elm’s Way" when it’s released in a week.

View the trailer for "5150 Elm's Way" below. What are your thoughts?

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