"The Adjustment Bureau" Movie Trailer Review

5/19/2010 Posted by Admin

Movie Trailer Review

"The Adjustment Bureau"

By our guest blogger, Rob Stammitti

The work of author Philip K. Dick is responsible for some of the best science-fiction films of the past couple decades--"Blade Runner," "Minority Report" and "A Scanner Darkly" being the most worthy of mention. The next PKD adaptation lined up is "The Adjustment Bureau," based on his short story and written and directed by the fine screenwriter George Nolfi, responsible for the excellent conclusion to the Bourne trilogy, "The Bourne Ultimatum." "Bureau" reunites the screenwriter and now director with Bourne himself, Matt Damon.

Damon plays a congressmen who is expected to go quite far in his political career until he meets a ballerina (played by the wonderful and underrated Emily Blunt) and he finds himself in the middle of a fight for free will when he discovers a omniscient group of men have been "adjusting" his and everyone else's lives for centuries. Their primary goal with Damon is to keep him away from Blunt's character, and he'll do anything to keep control of his own life.

If the trailer is any indication, this is sure to be one amazing ride. Damon seems like a perfect fit for the uber-charming congressman, and Blunt has proved to be great in just about any sort of role, but the film looks like it'll be the most interesting in the scenes with the actual bureau. Some fantastic character actors were chosen to portray these men, including John Slattery from "Mad Men" and Terence Stamp.

It's hard to go wrong with a PKD adaptation, and this looks like it'll continue the trend. Still, there's always the chance it'll just be a great concept with a dull execution like "Paycheck" or "Next." With such great talent involved, though, "The Adjustment Bureau" seems like one to look out for. And I can't help but get excited to see Matt Damon in a sci-fi film.

The film also stars Daniel Dae Kim of "Lost" and Anthony Mackie.

It's to be released September 17, 2010. Trailer is below. Thoughts?

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