Mad Men's Jon Superman??

8/02/2010 Posted by Admin

Is that Clark Kent behind those glasses? According to Pajiba, Mad Men hunk Jon Hamm might be the new Superman:

So, the pieces may slowly be coming together over on the Warner Brothers’ Superman reboot squared. We know that Christopher Nolan is consulting. We know that his brother, Jonathan, is in serious contention for the director’s job. And we know that David Goyer is writing, all of which offers some hope that the next Superman film will top the Bryan Singer version (not that it’ll take much).

It’s a difficult character to create a dark universe for, what with the bright red and blue uni and the leotard. But according to our friends over at ThinkMcFlyThink, one actor being “seriously considered” for the lead role is Jon Hamm, whose certainly got the dark and brooding thing down, as well as the square jaw. At 39, he’s a little old, perhaps, to start a franchise, but as TMT appropriately notes, he’s younger than Robert Downey, Jr. when he began the Iron Man franchise.

I don’t know if he’ll ultimately get the nod for the Superman role (or even if Hamm would want it; he doesn’t seem the superhero type). But, I like the idea of a heavy-smoking, hard drinking, womanizing Man of Steel with some fucked up issues with women, to transfer his Don Draper personality on to him. Nolan likes troubled superheroes, and Hamm can do troubled. And unlikable. And cold. I mean, what could be better than an anti-hero Superman? It goes against everything Superman has ever been in the movies (though, I suspect he’s had his rough spells in the comics). Plus, can you imagine: a drunken Superman saying to Lois Lane, “Get out of my Fortress of Solitude, you whore?”

Have I offended the Superman purists? Or is this an intriguing possibility?

Do you see it happening?  Leave us a comment at the link!

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