"The Virginity Hit" Movie Trailer Review

8/20/2010 Posted by Admin

"The Virginity Hit"

Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Rob Stammitti

The last time "Step Brothers" and "The Other Guys" brainchilds Adam McKay and Will Ferrell brought an indie movie out of obscurity was with Jody Hill's divisive, downright brilliant "The Foot Fist Way." They're following up with a film of much different style, a sort of Cloverfield-esque comedy about a bunch of friends helping their friend lose his virginity. Not quite as inspired as "Foot Fist," but hey, this is Adam McKay and Will Ferrell we're talking about.

It is an interesting idea, but outside of the gimmickry with the camera, it doesn't seem to be on the level of similar stuff like "Superbad" (and you know that's what they're going for--the two leads, a wirey nerd and his obscene fat friend, may as well be Michael Cera and Jonah Hill). The performances seem surprisingly genuine, though--often in small indie comedies like this, the performances are pretty stilted and self-conscious, but it's not too unbelievable when watching the trailer to think that these are real teenagers going through these situations.

The trailer brings up an interesting point in one of its taglines: "It's hard to do it with the whole world watching." It lends the tired verite approach a more interesting subtext--in the age of cameras in the hands of every teenager and privacy becoming less and less the norm, is intimacy becoming more and more difficult to find? It's not deeply profound anything, but it's a bit more interesting than "a bunch of geeks film their friend getting in wacky situations." There's a good chance either way that this movie is going to make it big with McKay and Ferrell's names behind it.

"The Virginity Hit" arrives September 10, 2010. Trailer is below. Thoughts?

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