First Week on iTunes is Huge Success for The Beatles

11/24/2010 Posted by Admin

First Week on iTunes is Huge Success for The Beatles

Music News

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

The Taylor Swifts and Lady Gagas may be reigning today’s charts, but it looks as if The Beatles still have the power to cross generational boundaries.

When the (perhaps overhyped) story that their full album catalog would finally be available on iTunes, every major news outlet in the country was covering it, but there were probably a few of us who wondered if we were making too big a deal out of it.

According to the numbers, no, we were not. The Hollywood Reporter writes that in their first week on iTunes, The Beatles have sold two million songs. This is a massive accomplishment for any artist and has probably made more than a few folks at Apple happy.

Of course, convenience always comes at a price. As amazing as their songs are, The Beatles also deserve recognition for their full albums. Now that a kid who heard “Back in the USSR” on the radio can run home and download it, he may be missing out on the experience of actually hearing all of “The White Album.” That’s a shame.

Hopefully, it will not come to that. The digital revolution has done a lot to harm to album-oriented bands—some artists simply release individual songs now, foregoing the album format—but there may still be an audience who respects that “Abbey Road” must be heard in its entirety.

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