"The Green Hornet" Movie Trailer Review

11/23/2010 Posted by Admin

"The Green Hornet"

Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Jason Serafino

Michael Gondry is the director behind some of the most surreal and unique movies of the past decade. Most famous for directing “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” Gondry is now setting his sights on reviving the classic superhero property “The Green Hornet” for the big screen.

In an age where superhero adaptations hit movie theaters seemingly every month, “The Green Hornet” has a tall order in front of it if it wants to distinguish itself from the pack.

The movie tells the well-worn story of a man named Britt Reid (played by Seth Rogen), who realizes that he has wasted all of his assets and wealth on partying and women instead of helping his fellow man. Following his father’s death, Reid decides to fight crime along with his deceased father’s confidant, Kato.

The trailer for this movie seems to hit all of the formulaic superhero movie notes. There is a ton of fast paced action, some typical Seth Rogen humor and, of course, a love interest played by Cameron Diaz.

While the trailer does make the movie out to look pretty formulaic, Michael Gondry’s unique visual flair is clearly evident. There are some brief clips of Kato’s kinetic martial arts prowess working in harmonious rhythm with Gondry’s quirky camera styling. Scenes like this give a glimpse of how a dynamic director like Gondry can make even the most familiar story seem fresh.

While the trailer doesn’t look like anything groundbreaking, “The Green Hornet” has enough talent involved in it to be potentially entertaining. However, it remains to be seen if Gondry’s film will reach the superhero stratosphere like “Iron Man” or if it will be an insult to masks and spandex everywhere like “Fantastic Four.”

View the trailer for "The Green Hornet" below. What are your thoughts?"

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  1. Edward29 said...

    I wasn't a fan of the Green Hornet.
    I've only seen the stunt reels of Bruce Lee as Kato and was pretty cool. I'm kinda of put off that this is an action comedy and may not be loyal to the source material. Like i said I'm not a fan, but think the original series was a comedy.
    Seth Rogan is alright I like his movie and this new kid Jay Chou got some nice moves and would like to see him fight more.
    I guess I'll go see this next year in the theater.