"Glee" Episode 10 Television Review

12/08/2010 Posted by Admin

"Glee" Episode 10

Television Review

By our guest blogger, Catherine Fuentes

Every year I feel that the Christmas-themed episodes air earlier and earlier, and despite chilly temperatures and it being the second week of December, I felt the "Glee" episode came a week too soon. Seeing as how the "Glee" kids have a holiday album to promote, I knew this week would be jam packed with songs – perhaps more than the average episode.

Admittedly, Christmas music is not my forte. I’ve never been a person who feels it appropriate to bust out the holiday tunes on November 1st or the day after Thanksgiving, or even on December 1st. I wait until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and that’s primarily because that’s what the radio stations play, and it feels appropriate to me on those days.

But in not having an extended season of holiday cheer and Pandora playlists like many of my friends have, I’ve forgotten how beautiful Christmas music can be until this episode of "Glee." I’m not surprised that the music in this episode was impeccably done--the songs are all appearing on the "Glee" holiday album, so it seems more time was put into the production than other songs.

Some standouts--the duet between Kurt and Blaine of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” I felt the choreography and the performance was risky for a FOX show, and I am so glad they did it. Kurt and Blaine are the two most talented male vocalists on the show, and seeing them really stretch their vocal ranges to sing such a classic – with such a modern and flirty spin – was really pleasing. And it was nice to hear Kurt admit his huge, burning crush on Blaine.

I also really liked the Christmas tree lot rendition of Wham’s hit Christmas song “Last Christmas,” and am excited that "Glee" decided to not stay entirely traditional with their Christmas music selections. But come to think of it, picking a cheesy '80s song is very much in the "Glee" wheelhouse.

The beautiful and touching moment of the episode, musically speaking, was the last song (this season, "Glee" has really hit a high note with these episode-ending musical selections), which had the "Glee" cast dressed as carolers singing “Welcome Christmas” in the teachers’ lounge to raise money to buy toys for needy children.

My complaint song (other than Rachel’s self-indulgent solo) was the initial song, from the Island of Misfit Toys. We get it, "Glee" kids. You’re misfits. But you don’t need to force that message down our throats every chance you get.

Aside from the music, the episode was filled with cameos from every major and supporting character, except for John Stamos, unfortunately, which meant there were hilarious one-liners and really sentimental moments. I never thought I’d experience an episode where Sue was too evil for me, and even though she learned her lesson and made up for her wrongdoings, she took being the Grinch really far. Rigging a secret Santa is one thing, robbing presents and destroying Christmas cheer is another. Sorry Sue, you know you’re my favorite, but this time made me a little sad.

There was another standout performance by Brittany, as the lone high school student still believing in Santa, with a great, moving moment where Coach Beiste played Santa. Coach Beiste brought Artie, Brittany and the "Glee" kids a Christmas miracle that made them all believe in Santa, and it brought a cheer to my eye.

Otherwise, "Glee" won’t be returning until the Super Bowl, but my Christmas wish for the cast is that Mr. Schuester loses the vest. He’s not Aladdin.

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