Chromeo's “Hot Mess” Music Video Review

1/02/2011 Posted by Admin

Chromeo's “Hot Mess”

Music Video Review

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

In case you weren’t aware, Chromeo love the ‘80s. And not in a platonic way. We’re talking full out “Imagonnastalkyou” love here.

Continuing their long-standing trend of making videos that replicate certain big ‘80s moments and trends (like “Bonafide Lovin” and its recreation of the CG pioneer “Money for Nothing”), Chromeo’s latest video for single “Hot Mess” finds the duo looking like two hot cops. You know, like Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, if Glover were an overweight bearded baldie and Gibson a sad, lanky bespectacled fellow.

Judging by the YouTube comments, the jury is still out on whether this look is “hot” or “totally ug,” but damn if Chromeo don’t commit themselves fully to an idea. After handing in their badges to their irate (hot) Chief, the boys proceed to walk through their police station where they encounter plenty of hatin’ from their (hot) fellow officers, all of whom happen to be women. In Chromeo’s universe, it seems that every workplace is populated exclusively by icy girls who try to deny Chromeo before they finally give in to their animal magnetism.

Surprisingly, this trick seems to be working for them. It’s as if Chromeo have managed to make themselves highly desirable and cool through sheer force of will and devotion to aesthetic. Quite the feat if you’re two otherwise unassuming Canadians.

To that end, “Hot Mess” is more than just a plethora of ‘80s jokes--it’s a mission statement. With its steamy sauna scenes, synchronized swimming and Robert Palmer referencing moments, “Hot Mess” oozes sex appeal, further making the case that Chromeo are what happens when you take Hall&Oates and add spanish fly. While the YouTube haters hate, I think it’s safe to assume that Chromeo are faring pretty damn well in the digits department.

View the video below. What are your thoughts?

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