One Blogger’s Opinion: 2010’s Entertainers of the Year

1/06/2011 Posted by Admin

One Blogger’s Opinion: 2010’s Entertainers of the Year


By our guest blogger, Joel Crabtree

When it comes to 2010, there is one man who just could not be outdone: James Franco

Franco is not comfortable with being comfortable -- and that’s what we love about him. More than any actor working right now, Franco wants to challenge himself, and he displayed that in 2010 with “127 Hours,” “Howl,” posing in drag for "Interview" and, of course, appearing in “General Hospital.”

Add to that Franco’s seemingly endless list of endeavors (painting; striving for his PhD in English at Yale; publishing “Palo Alto," his book of short fiction; working on poetry; and, oh yeah, filming funny videos with his grandmother), and you have one of the busiest men in Hollywood. Scratch that. One of the busiest men period.

Fortunately for us, it appears as if Franco is going to have just as strong of a 2011. Here’s a list of what he has on tap:

-- Writing, directing, producing and starring in a biography of poet Hart Crane titled “The Broken Tower.”

-- Starring in “Your Highness,” “Maladie” and the highly anticipated “Rise of the Apes.”

-- Being awesome.

James Franco, here’s to taking a moment to breath in 2011, however unlikely that may be.

Speaking of not having time to breath, Andrew Garfield had a whirlwind year.

It was only a matter of time before directors, studios and audiences discovered Garfield. In 2010, he was cast in two much-talked about movies -- “The Social Network” and “Never Let Me Go” -- and one could argue that he stole the show in both.

Although he’s a new face to many, Garfield actually had his breakout roles in 2007, holding his own opposite Robert Redford in “Lions for Lambs” and delivering an emotionally crushing performance in the Irish drama “Boy A.”

All I have to say is that it’s about time. Although I disagree with Garfield being cast as Peter Park/Spider-man in the 2012 3-D reboot (he’s far too talented to get his career caught in a project like that), things still seem to be looking up for the actor.

And finally, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the entertainers of the year for two reasons: 1) Because he’s Leonardo DiCaprio and 2) Because he had two of my favorite movies of the year in 2010 with “Inception” and “Shutter Island.” This is old hat for Leo.

It’s not just DiCaprio’s natural ability to command the screen as a leading man that earns him this honor, it’s the luxury he has of being coveted by the most prestigious directors (Scorsese and Christopher Nolan this year). It’s something that hasn’t failed him yet. There’s really no one like him working today, and there probably won’t ever be again.

Who do you think had the best year in 2010?

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