Joseph Gordon-Levitt May or May Not Be Playing Holiday Killer in New Batman Film

3/26/2011 Posted by Admin

Joseph Gordon-Levitt May or May Not Be Playing Holiday Killer in New Batman Film

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

In typical Christopher Nolan fashion, the details surrounding his Dark Knight Rises, planned as the last entry in Nolan's Batman trilogy, have become extremely muddled.

When it was announced last month that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be rejoining his Inception director for the new Batman film, fan speculation went into overdrive, with the top rumors being that Levitt would take on Dick Grayson (the former Robin who is now Nightwing in the DCU) or Alberto Falcone. Variety was the first to claim that the speculation about Levitt playing Falcone was correct but now EW is claiming that Variety has false information.

Since neither of those publications are exactly of ill repute, no one is entirely sure who to believe just yet. It would make plenty of sense for Levitt to be cast as Falcone, given that the Falcone crime family has played a crucial role in Nolan's interpretation of Gotham in the Batman films. Further adding to the credibility of the claim is the fact that Anne Hathaway has already been cast as Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman. Both Falcone and Catwoman play a major role in one of the most beloved Batman stories of all-time, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's The Long Halloween. That story features Falcone as its primary villain, the Holiday Killer, and fits in well with Nolan's stated intention to keep Batman grounded in gritty reality.  Also involved in that story is Two-Face but since Nolan already killed off that character it's likely that Tom Hardy's Bane will be filling his shoes for Nolan's adaptation, if that is indeed what Nolan is adapting.

Whatever the case, Levitt has plenty on his plate for the next little while. Outside of The Dark Knight Rises, the gifted actor will be appearing in the small budget indie drama Hesher alongside Natalie Portman and cancer comedy (whatever the hell that means) 50/50 with Seth Rogen, due in April and September respectively. And then there's the David Koepp picture Premium Rush, which Levitt will be seen in come January, and the actor's repairing with Brick director Rian Johnson in the sci-fi film Looper, said to also feature Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. If Levitt isn't careful, he may soon find himself publicly battling with James Franco for every square inch of screen time in Hollywood.

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