When Celebrities Go Mad: Sammy Hagar Edition

3/25/2011 Posted by Admin

When Celebrities Go Mad: Sammy Hagar Edition

Celebrity News

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

Not one to let Charlie Sheen monopolize all the crazy, Sammy Hagar recently confessed to MTV that he's had a few run-ins with aliens. What kind of run ins, you ask? Well, it's best to let Hagar just explain it himself:

 "Aliens were plugged into me...It was like 'F*ck they downloaded something into me!' Or they uploaded something from my brain, like it an experiment, 'See what this guy knows.'" Hagar claims this happened while he was alone in the desert in California, which, weirdly, is where these things always seem to happen--away from witnesses, in an isolated place. Those aliens clearly watch enough "Law and Order" to get how to do that kidnapping sh!t right.

Hagar also told MTV that he when he was a toddler, he threw rocks at a UFO hovering over a field, so there is the strong possibility that they were just coming back for vengeance. You're probably wondering why Hagar is even in the news, and why he had the opportunity at all to tell everyone he was molested or mindwiped or something by aliens. Well, it seems that Hagar has a new memoir out that expands on these two experiences. So if you're in the market for crazy talk by a washed out old rock vet, then this is definitely your week.

Now all we need to figure out is if those aliens can or cannot drive 55.

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