‘Cowboys and Aliens’ Movie Trailer Review

4/23/2011 Posted by Admin

‘Cowboys and Aliens’

Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

While this summer will offer its fair share of blockbusters to moviegoers, “Cowboys and Aliens” may just be remembered as the one that the film geeks embraced nearly unanimously (“Super 8” being its strongest competition). After all, it has a nearly perfect formula for success. Obviously the idea of seeing cowboys face off against extra-terrestrial invaders is irresistible to those of us who remember the bizarre stories our childhood imaginations could concoct, but we’ve also got some stellar talent involved to entice us even further.

Jon Favreau, the director who turned “Iron Man” into one of the most blissfully entertaining comic-book adaptations in recent memory, is at the helm, and given his ability to balance humor with genuine thrills, we couldn’t ask for a better man for the job. The cast is superb as well, combining our old-school hero Harrison Ford with the best James Bond since Sean Connery, Daniel Craig. Olivia Wilde is thrown in the mix too, and while the cynic in us assumes she was cast to draw in the hormonal teenage boys, she is actually a terrific actress who we expect to add more to this film than mere sex appeal.

The latest trailer is the strongest piece of promotional material for this flick yet, displaying all aspects of the film that we are looking forward to: old-fashioned Western gunplay, intense alien invasion action sequences, and some brief moments of comic relief. While the story itself is still somewhat unclear, that may be the point; after all, Craig’s character is not even aware of his own identity, so it seems like there will be an element of mystery to the movie as well.

Color us excited. We don’t expect “Cowboys and Aliens” to offer us any great insights into the world, but we don’t exactly demand those qualities from a summer blockbuster anyway. First and foremost, we want to be entertained. Judging by this trailer, it looks as though we will be.

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