Justin Bieber Gets $1 Million for Israel Gig

4/23/2011 Posted by Admin

Justin Bieber Gets $1 Million for Israel Gig

Music News

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

At an age when the primary source of income for most of his peers is a weekly allowance, Justin Bieber is doing pretty well for himself in the world of finance. He recently performed a show in Israel, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, he was paid a whopping $1 million for his services.

Not bad for a ninety minute long concert.

However, despite the money he made, attendance was fairly low. It was hoped that Bieber would bring in 35,000 people, but according to reports from the producers, only 24,000 were in attendance. Local police put the number even lower, estimating that there were only about 17,000 people at the event.

Still, Bieber has skyrocketed to stardom, and we doubt that this minor setback will have any negative effects on his career. What might have an effect, however, is the fact that like so many others going through puberty, he is aging. Sure, he has undeniable talent as a vocalist—even if you don’t exactly care for the type of music he performs—but it must also be acknowledged that part of his image is bound to his young age. It is what makes him “cute” and, more importantly, unique. When he hits his late teens, he may become just another male pop star, and while that won’t kill his career, it will severely diminish his role in the pop music world.

In the meantime, he’s making lots of money breaking the hearts of tween girls everywhere. Good for him.

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