Lars von Trier "Took it Easy" on Kirsten Dunst

4/28/2011 Posted by Admin

Lars von Trier "Took it Easy" on Kirsten Dunst

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

Though he's known for the brutality he often inflicts on the female characters of his films, director Lars von Trier told Empire that he let Kirsten Dunst off "far too easy" in their new film Melancholia. In the past, von Trier has been held up as one of the most demanding directors in the industry, so much so that Bjork claimed she would never act in films again after working with him on Dancer in the Dark.

The director specifically went out of his way to tell Empire that Dunst "was not dragged through any masturbation," a cheeky reference to the sex and genital mutilation packed Antichrist. Melancholia actually features Antichrist Charlotte Gainsbourg in a rare return appearance from a female actor for a von Trier film. Where Antichrist was a more personal film about the destruction of a couple's relationship in the wake of their son's death, Melancholia concerns nothing short of the end of the world due to a new planet that comes hurtling towards our own.

Because only in the universe of Lars von Trier could flinging an entire planet at your leading lady be considered letting her off "far too easy."

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