Ryan Gosling Won't Be Lone Ranger After All

4/28/2011 Posted by Admin

Ryan Gosling Won't Be Lone Ranger After All

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

Although it was earlier reported that Ryan Gosling would likely be pairing with Johnny Depp for a new Lone Ranger film, EW reported earlier that the Blue Valentine star would not be taking on the role. That means the role is still up for grabs though it's likely Depp wants to hold out for someone of the same caliber as Gosling.

Gosling's next project will instead be the Steve Carrell vehicle Crazy, Stupid, Love in which Gosling plays a ladies' man. After that, Gosling can be seen in the action flick Drive, which one can only assume is about a driving school instructor forced to take matters into his own hand after criminals threaten his family. Drive's director Nicolas Refn will likely also be directing Gosling in a remake of Logan's Run, which will hopefully be timed perfectly to coincide with that Hunger Game movie so that we have an entire summer of teenagers in danger.

Gosling has long held out on blockbuster fare but now that he's opened the floodgates, it probably won't be long before Hollywood finds a board game movie to shove him into. May I suggest pitching Hungry, Hungry Hippos to Gosling? It can be turned into a film about the very real dangers of obesity, where Gosling plays the tormented son forced to feed the rest of his family healthy little pearls of nutrition for their own good. So, kind of like What's Eating Gilbert Grape? but with even more hippos.

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