Major Actors in Talks to Join Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

5/07/2011 Posted by Admin

Major Actors in Talks to Join Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

After years in development hell, it looks as though Steven Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln biopic is finally getting off the ground, with Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field taking on the two major roles. According to Deadline, casting is now continuing, with stars like Tommy Lee Jones and Joseph Gordon-Levitt being sought out for the film.

Tommy Lee Jones will play the part of Thaddeus Stevens, a congressman from Pennsylvania who was strongly opposed to slavery. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be cast as the President’s oldest son, Robert Todd Lincoln.

Other notable names in the running for roles are Hal Holbrook and James Spader. As the film will center around Lincoln’s often difficult relationships with his cabinet members during the Civil War, we can expect that these actors will be filling those parts.

While he certainly hasn’t been directing the kinds of films that we got in his glory days, Spielberg is still a highly skilled filmmaker who knows how to tell a story that provides us with an equal balance of entertainment, emotion, and thematic depth. He’s often had a strong interest in history, and while this is a particular point in history that he has never tackled before, we expect that he’ll craft a memorable film. With a cast like this, we can’t imagine this film being anything but great.

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