"Happy Tears" Movie Trailer Review

2/13/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Elisabeth Rentschler

You would think that Demi Moore, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and successful women, would be able to handle any man that crossed her path. But this February, there is one man that she just can’t seem to bear (and no, it’s not Ashton Kutcher). This month, Moore meets her match--her father.

Mitchell Lichtenstein’s “Happy Tears,” a comedy due out February 19, 2010, is a movie about two sisters who move back to their childhood home to take care of their aging father (Rip Torn). Laura (Moore) has been taking care of her father for a while, and calls on her sister Jayne (Parker Posey) to help her out. The sisters come from two very different lives, and must endure childhood memories, their irascible father, and of course, his much younger mate, who he provides gifts too for “services rendered.” However, the task they were dreading actually proves to be a great lesson for both. And in the end, the two sisters are able to make some important discoveries about their own not-so-perfect lives, and embrace their crazy family for who they really are.

This trailer really does a great job of relating to so many people. Whether you personally have had to take care of your older father, or even your grandfather, this movie really does a great job of perfecting that “grumpy old man” character. The trailer also does a great job of playing with all of our emotions. It is good for both a laugh and a cry, as you realize how precious life has been and still can be. Yet, more importantly, I think that it reminds us all to cherish our parents, our elders and ourselves, and learn to love all of the quirks that might come along with it.

View the trailer for "Happy Tears" below. What are your thoughts?

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