Chicken Head Found in Order of Chicken Wings!

9/17/2010 Posted by Admin

We like to call this the absolute best in, "Quality Control."

A take-out snack of fried chicken wings turned into stomach curdling horror for an Ottawa woman who says she found a deep-fried chicken’s HEAD among her order.

“It was absolutely disgusting,” says horrified Karen Cook, who was in Toronto on business last month when she got an unwelcome surprise on her plate.

The 44-year-old says she ate a pound of wings at Wild Goose Bar & Grill and ordered as second pound of wings to take to her hotel room.

But later that evening, she and a friend couldn’t believe their eyes when they found a chicken’s whole head in the container. “It was really gross,” Karen said. The deep-friend head still had the beak and eyes attached. She says the sight was so horrifying that she can’t bring herself to eat wings anymore.

The next day, Karen brought the chicken head back to the restaurant where an embarrassed manager gave her a refund and suggested she contact the distributor, Sysco, if she wanted further compensation.

Karen then launched a complaint with Toronto Public Health, but a spokesperson told her that “Under Ontario law, all parts of the chicken can be sold,” and it was a “quality control issue.”

A representative for Sysco added that it was an “unfortunate” incident, but nothing like that has happened in 20 years.

Via Toronto Sun

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